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Abdel Hamid al-Aker, an officer in the Hamas security forces and Subhi Abu Qirshein, a Palestinian civilian, died late Sunday after inhaling poisonous gas inside a tunnel along the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for the Hamas Interior Ministry in the coastal strip said in a statement today. The spokperson said the officer was on a security mission to inspect the tunnel, but did not state clearly what the civilian was doing in it. He also did not mention from where the toxic gas emanated. Members of the Hamas Civil Defense succeeded in extracting the bodies of the officer and the civilian from the tunnel. A video posted on Quds News Network, a Palestinian news site, appeared to show the bodies of Aker and Abu Qirshein arriving at a hospital in the strip. Two other members of the Hamas security forces were rescued and transferred to a local hospital for treatment, it was reported. Egypt has demolished hundreds of tunnels between its territory and Gaza in the past several years, but smugglers of commercial goods and weapons are still believed to operate a number of subterranean passageways there. In February 2017, 3 Palestinians died from inhaling toxic gas in a tunnel between Egypt and Gaza, which they were repairing after Egyptian military blew it up, Palestinian authorities said at the time.