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Newz Chooze

John Sweeney is one of the bbc's leading investigative journalists, This is footage from the upcoming Tommy Robinson #BBC expose, Just listen to the sheer arrogance of this cunt of a man bragging about spending lb220 on a midweek liquid lunch, on expenses, his two lunches on two midweek days cost more than two annual bbc #tvlicence fees, this at a time when the bbc want to cancel free licences for the over 75's because the bbc apparently can't afford to lose the money. This boils my piss, and just shows not only how out of touch they are with those who fund them, but also the sheer contempt that they hold those people in. Ps: Apologies for the hashtags, unnecessary on here I know, but not irrelevant, because another waste of licence payers money is the army of people the bbc employ simply to track certain hashtags & mentions, they intensely dislike negative tags showing up.