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Newz Chooze

(Of course half the reason I posted this was for Liberal Tear Jerking....) Yes, yes, Canada has some silly prices on these fantastic machines, But a lot of things are too expensive here. Nonetheless, my tax return is in the mail and I am blessed enough to not have it allocated already for other expenses. So, next week or maybe the week after, I am heading out to pick up a new toy and I have it narrowed down to these four so far. Please, feel free to comment on something better that I may have missed, especially if it's cheaper. Remember, not all semi auto weapons are available here, and fully automatic are not sold. I left the AR15 off the list because it's just expensive due to its's still just a NATO 223 sexy as it is. Lemme' know! I am all ears! I already have an SKS (7.62x39mm) and Mosen bolt action, and a shotgun, which I never use, probably gonna sell it. My buddy and I also share Glock G19 and an old Walther P-38 that is in surprisingly good shape.