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The Palestinian Authority released on Monday surveillance footage from the the Jamal Abdel Nasser mosque in Ramallah, showing Israeli security forces arresting the Palestinian killer of Jewish female Ori Ansbaher who was brutally murdered last week. Apparently the aim of the PA was to show how Israel desecrating mosques. The video, posted on Facebook by the PA's Waqf office, shows footage from a camera inside mosque, in which Arafat Irfaiya, the accused killer, was caught in an abandoned building nearby, and an additional suspect is arrested inside the house of worship itself. Ori's naked body was found last Thursday, with multiple stab wounds, in the woods at Ein Yael on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The Shin Bet domestic security service said Arafat Irfaiya left his home in Hebron carrying a knife, saw the victim in the forest, attacked and killed her. The Palestinian later admitted to the murder and said he wanted to become a martyr. He was identified through a DNA sample found at the scene of the horrific attack, and was arrested as part of a surgical operation carried out by Israeli security forces. After it became clear to the that the terrorist was hiding in the mosque some 15 kilometers north of Jerusalem, a SWAT unit was sent to the location late Friday night. The force that arrived at the scene encountered violent disturbances, which included Palestinians hurling pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails, burning tires and throwing rocks. The soldiers initially searched the mosque but couldn't locate the killer and left the area in order to reorganize. The investigators from the Shin Bet domestic security service then examined CCTV footage from various buildings in the neighborhood, including the mosque, and decided to send a force from the Border Police's counter-terrorism unit Yamam to inspect the abandoned building that aroused their suspicions. A military dog named Zili was the first to reach the terrorist and trap him, and he was eventually arrested unarmed and without resistance. Maor Zemach, chairman of the Jewish Lach Jerusalem organization, lashed out at the Palestinian Authority for releasing the video, calling it an attempt to criticize Israel for desecrating holy places and deflect from the act of murder itself. "This clearly explains the distorted priorities of the Palestinian Authority: the cruel murder of Jews is acceptable, while fighting terror is not," he said. **************************** Photos: Ori Ansbaher, the victim; The killer at court yesterday; IDF forces at the Rammallah mosque just before locating the killer of Ori