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Rosgvardi fighters were forced to shoot from violent teenagers who started a fight in a cafe in Leninsk-Kuznetsky, the administration of the TFR in the Kemerovo region reported. Surveillance cameras removed the standoff with law enforcement officers. The incident occurred at about two in the morning on January 26 in a pub where a 19-year-old local resident struck a girl during an altercation and, together with her friends, arranged a fight with another company. When the Rosgvardians appeared, the hooligans turned their attention to them. "The company specially divided the private security employees around the hall: pushing three to the entrance, one was kept in the center, and another employee was in the corner," the investigators say. The instigators were three teenagers aged 16-17 years old: on the pictures you can see how they provoke law enforcement officers to the conflict. In the course went not only fists, but also chairs, bottles, bits and knives. It was not possible to bring down the intensity of passions with two warning shots, and therefore one of the employees opened fire. Only by injuring one teenager, the ministers of the law managed to bring the situation under control. The victim was hospitalized, but a few days later he was transferred to the detention facility - to two friends, who are also accused of assault and violence against a representative of the authorities. {{file|t=9DBPk_1549965012}}