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Rolling coverage of the latest UK growth figures for the third quarter of this year Introduction: Growth probably accelerated in July-September Economists predict UK grew by 0.6%, after strong July But....UK expected to be weakest EU country in 2019 9.20am GMT The prospect of UK growth hitting its highest level since the end of 2016 hasn’t cheered the London stock market. Shares are down across Europe this morning, as the rally following this week’s US elections fizzles out. This has knocked 0.7% off the Stoxx 600, which tracks the region’s largest companies. “Just as it looked like the US midterm election results would give a boost to markets around the world, momentum has been quickly lost. “A falling oil price has troubled investors and shifted their focus back to concerns about a slowdown in global economic growth.” 8.49am GMT The Treasury have tweeted a short (and simple) video clip to explain what GDP means: New growth stats out today at 9.30am.But, what is GDP and why does it matter? Find out in this video Continue reading...