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For soldiers’ families, Hillsborough relatives and victims of John Worboys, the act has been vital in their quest for justiceDo you remember 1998? On many fronts a forgettable year, but allow me to take you back. Across the world people were morbidly glued to the televised unravelling of President Clinton’s “sexual relations” denial, as he faced a very public impeachment inquiry over the Monica Lewinsky affair. Construction was under way on the Millennium Dome, stamps featuring Diana’s face went on sale to mark a year since her death, Cher released the hyper-processed earworm Believe, Armageddon was the biggest-grossing film worldwide. Those things seem horribly dated now, of course, and most of them have been confined to the bonfire of history. But it’s worth remembering that 1998 was also notable for something that had a far bigger impact on Britain than Cher – the passing into law of the Human Rights Act. Continue reading...