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A group of trolls is accused of harassing dozens of women. Victims need more than apologies; they need change The French media world has been in the grip of a deep crisis for the past few days. The people at the heart of the scandal say it started as a “joke”, and stemmed from a desire to share some “black humour”. If that is the case, the #ligueduLOL controversy has turned out to be something much darker, and has exposed the everyday abuse that women and minorities face on social media. The Ligue du LOL is the name of a closed Facebook group in which about 30 young and successful journalists, media professionals and early-day Twitter influencers allegedly coordinated cyberbullying, trolling and Twitter campaigns against other social media users (mostly women, as well as feminist and LGBT activists) between 2009 and 2012. Some of them continued their activities for years after the group was formed. Continue reading...