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From Antonia to Vanessa, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz 1 What resulted from an argument over the fastest game bird in Europe?2 Ernest Bevin wanted the “bloody Union Jack on top” of what?3 Charmion was the servant and confidante of which monarch?4 Which countries are separated by the Yalu river?5 What venue has 85 acoustic diffusers, known as “mushrooms”?6 Antonia is the title instrument in what novel?7 What is the second oldest independent nation in the Americas?8 What has Tattersalls sold since 1766?What links:9 Navona; Campidoglio; di Spagna; del Popolo; St Peter’s?10 A; dis; il; im; in; ir; non; un?11 PH Newby, 1969; Malcolm Morley, 1984; Primal Scream, 1992?12 Oxygen; iodine; gold; europium; uranium?13 Pac-12; Sun Belt; Big 12; SEC; The American; MW?14 Beast Mode; RapCaviar; Today’s Top Hits; New Music Friday?15 Katharine Hepburn; Vanessa Redgrave; Samantha Morton; Saoirse Ronan? Continue reading...