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A forum where readers can discuss today’s politics and share links to breaking news and to the most interesting politics stories, blogs and tweets on the web 9.00am GMT We’re not writing our usual blog today but here, as an alternative, is the Politics Live readers’ edition. It is a place for you to discuss today’s politics, and to share links to breaking news and to the most interesting stories and blogs on the web. Feel free to express your views robustly, but please treat others with respect and don’t resort to abuse. Guardian comment pages are supposed to be a haven from the Twitter/social media rant-orama, not an extension of it. Related: Tory Brexiters planning to reject deal even with backstop exit clause Related: John McDonnell shapes Labour case for four-day week Related: Embattled high street retailers call for help as closures soar Related: Gig economy workers' rights to be given boost in overhaul Related: Ministers pledge £2m to help English councils tackle rogue landlords Four council by-elections tonight: three Labour defences, one Conservative.@andrewteale previews them here: Nettleswell (Harlow) result:LAB: 50.2% (+2.5)CON: 25.6% (+2.0)HAP: 10.0% (+10.0)UKIP: 9.9% (-13.1)LDEM: 4.3% (-1.3)Labour HOLD.HAP: Harlow Alliance Party. Holsworthy (Torridge) result:CON: 56.4% (+11.5)IND: 25.4% (+25.4)LDEM: 12.2% (-5.3)LAB: 6.1% (+6.1)Conservative HOLD.No UKIP (-23.7) and Grn (-14.0) as prev. Bush Fair (Harlow) result:LAB: 45.0% (+5.6)CON: 38.1% (+6.0)UKIP: 8.5% (-15.4)HAP: 5.2% (+5.2)LDEM: 3.2% (-1.4)Labour HOLD. Dormers Wells (Ealing) result:LAB: 72.1% (+2.9)CON: 16.6% (+0.7)LDEM: 7.3% (+2.7)GRN: 4.1% (-3.2)Labour HOLD.No Duma Polska (-3.1) as prev. Continue reading...