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Royal Court, LondonReviving their 2010 show, Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence call on the inspiration of strangers to explore changing attitudes to disability Eight years ago, Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence made a show called No Idea, in which members of the public were asked: “What sort of play would we be in?” The answers – brought comically to life on stage – were highly revealing of popular attitudes to (and anxieties about) disability: Hammond is a wheelchair user and has a restricted growth condition. Now, the show is revived and developed, to reflect a new era of “diversity, inclusivity and equality”. The result is a lucid, delightfully ironic and politically piercing 80 minutes that combine comedy, honesty and protest to distinctive effect. It’s created with Lee Simpson of Improbable and has the incongruous guilelessness of that company’s best work. The first half reprises material from the 2010 show, as Hammond and Spence recite their vox pops verbatim, then – tongues in cheeks – enact the scenarios and relationship proposed. A highlight is the cockney singalong about Hammond’s “cheeky little face”, a quality their interviewees just can’t help pointing out as they try not to mention her disability. Continue reading...