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Piers Dennis went on the road to film Our Most Brilliant Friends, a remarkable documentary that reveals the band Slow Club on the brink of a break-up Even in the depths of chaos and collapse, the rockumentary can bring a sheen of glamour to life in a band. Consider the group therapy, furious resentment and search-for-a-new-bassist plot of Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster, or the our-new-record-got-us-dropped-from-our-label line of Wilco’s I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. But the reality of band life is often more prosaic. Most tours are long, dreary affairs filled with hired vans, service stations and cheap hotels, rather than stadiums and glitter cannons. And when bands split they do so most often not in a grand fiery crescendo but in a slow, damp fizzle. Continue reading...