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Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as investors welcome deal which should avert another Federal government shutdown Full story: Party leaders reach deal to avoid fresh US government shutdown Deal only gives $1.4bn for border security Trump wanted £5.7bn 8.10am GMT Donald Trump has put a brave face on his failure to get full funding for his wall with Mexico. “Just so you know, we’re building the wall anyway”. “With the eyes of the country upon us, all of us together are going to make our stand here in one of the safest cities in America. Safe not because of walls but in spite of walls.” Related: Trump and Beto O'Rourke speak at dueling rallies in Texas 7.47am GMT Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial market, the eurozone and business. The agreement would allocate far less money for Trump’s border wall than the White House’s $5.7bn wish list, settling for a figure of nearly $1.4bn, according to congressional aides. The funding measure is through the fiscal year, which ends 30 September. The agreement means 55 miles of new fencing — constructed through existing designs such as metal slats instead of a concrete wall — but far less than the 215 miles the White House demanded in December. The fencing would be built in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. European Opening Calls:#FTSE 7148 +0.26%#DAX 11097 +0.75%#CAC 5043 +0.56%#MIB 19740 +0.78%#IBEX 8980 +0.48% “This president wants a deal. He wants it to be fair to Americans and American workers and American interests.” Trump wants to meet with Xi "very soon" in an effort to end the trade war, Kellyanne Conway says: "This president wants a deal" Looking forward to chairing @ftlive event tomorrow with BoE governor Mark Carney speech and Q&A #FTMarkCarney Continue reading...