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Carlsen and Caruana kick off €1m, 12-game championship series Caruana: ‘It’s great to be compared to Fischer but we’re different’ World championship showdown expected to be a close contest Tweet Bryan at @BryanAGraham or email him 2.37pm GMT Our Sean Ingle was at yesterday’s press conference at the College in Holborn, which you can watch below. It was a mostly conciliatory affair, as these things tend to be, and there is a very real mutual respect between the contestants. Yet Carlsen, when asked if he saw himself as the underdog or the favorite, couldn’t help but reveal signs of the alpha dog within. “It has been a while since I have considered myself an underdog, to be honest,” he said. “If you have been the No 1 ranked player in the world for seven years and have won three world titles in a row, then there is something seriously wrong with your psyche, I think.” 2.24pm GMT Hello and welcome to London for day one of the World Chess Championship. We’ve got a cracker of a tie ahead as Norway’s Magnus Carlsen defends the title he’s held for the past five years against Fabiano Caruana of the United States. The best-of-12-games match is taking place at the College in Holborn over the next 19 days, with the winner earning a 60% share of the €1m ($1.14m) prize fund if the match ends in regulation (or 55% if it’s decided by tie-break games). Carlsen, 27, has been ranked No 1 for eight straight years and was considered the world’s best player even before he defeated Viswanathan Anand for the title in 2013. Caruana, 26, is ranked No 2, having earned his place the table by winning the candidates tournament in March. No American-born player has won or even competed for the world title since Bobby Fischer in 1972. Continue reading...