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The Upside and Miss Bala are the latest in a long line of slick, Americanised versions of breakout foreign language hits and arrive ahead of many, many more For a viewer already familiar with the French film The Intouchables, watching its newly released American remake The Upside can often feel like one of those games challenging you to spot the differences between two seemingly identical photos. The core of an unlikely friendship between a wealthy white man and a black ex-con has been kept intact, and most of the elements changed stop at the superficial. Omar Sy’s Driss purloins a jade egg from his moneyed, quadriplegic employer (and soon-to-be bestie) Philippe, while Kevin Hart’s Del nicks a vintage copy of Huckleberry Finn from Phillip. His passion for the musical stylings of Earth, Wind and Fire has been swapped out for a love of Aretha Franklin. That Philippe fares much better than his Stateside equivalent on his first date with his romantic pen pal counts for something, but the most meaningful alteration has to be the relocation from Paris to New York. Continue reading...