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More people will die this week than at any other time of the year, official figures show January is a cruel month. More people will die this week than any other week of the year, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics for England and Wales. On average, there are 40% more deaths recorded in the second week of January than during the rest of the year. For the loved ones left behind, the days after a death can be devastating and overwhelming in equal measure. Hundreds of decisions have to be taken: the funeral director, the service, the timing, cremation or burial, the wake, the catering and so on – and that’s just the immediate stuff. Then there’s the bureaucracy of death: registering the death, certificates, finding the will and beginning to sort out the estate, if there is one. Then add to that the time and effort of sorting out the deceased’s possessions, going through all their paperwork and selling their property. Continue reading...