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The one-time Brat Packer was photographed in leave’s Lincolnshire heartland filming ITV drama Wild Bill, in what may well be his edgiest gig since Bad Influence At this stage in the process, I simply did not believe it was possible. But miraculously, it is. I have found it – the only Brexit take I can still bear. Behold: Rob Lowe, in Boston – the Lincolnshire town that recorded the highest leave vote in the EU referendum – holding a tray of flesh items that we shall come to shortly. For now, you will have questions. Primarily: what is going on? Secondarily: where do I buy a ticket to this particular meat raffle? And in a distant third place: why on earth have you brought Brexit into this? So let me summarise the television commission that got us to this magical space. The photo was taken this week, on the set of a forthcoming ITV drama called Wild Bill. Premise: Rob Lowe plays a high-flying US cop who is appointed chief constable of East Lincolnshire. How? Why? I genuinely can’t imagine. Continue reading...