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I thought it was something I actually wanted to try – until I did Fitness tips: F45 interval training at home The F45 workout schedule looks madly exciting; its website is like an ice-cream counter, tons of different classes with zingy names – Brooklyn, Panthers, Hollywood, Romans. Plus, they all have groovy graphics and you think, “This sounds exactly me. I would like to improve my combat prowess while working on my core strength. I want an infamous, 1,000-calorie-burning cardio workout.” They’re on to something, goddamn them. The idea is quite simple – all the workouts a person could do, boiled into 45 minutes, fancied up with themes – and through some combination of variety and enthusiasm, they lull you into thinking it’s actually something you want to do. I rejected everything that required a partner (Wingman, which is paired resistance; and 22, which is paired cardio, because I am not here to make friends). Foxtrot is an EPIC (their capitals) cardio workout with two intensity levels: a 45-second set and a 20-second one. The idea is that you are more measured in the longer burst, then go flat out on the shorter one. Continue reading...