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This 60s-set prequel to the legendary ITV detective series might look like a cosy Heatbeat-style drama, but there something far darker and stranger at play This article contains minor spoilers for series 1-6 of Endeavour It sounds borderline bizarre to insist that the sixth series of a TV drama is a good jumping-on point. But if you’ve so far resisted ITV’s Sunday-night staple Endeavour – AKA The 1960s Adventures of Young Morse, Before He Got So Crotchety (Although He is Actually Already Pretty Crotchety) – the latest series seems consciously designed to get any latecomers up to speed. It helps, of course, that this is a prequel to one of the most prestigious and popular ITV dramas of all time. Even if you don’t know where the character has been for the past five seasons, you probably have a decent idea about where he is going to end up. Continue reading...