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Transfer interactive: keep up with all the latest deals Football Weekly Extra: Cup thrashing and cash splashing Email Gregg, tweet him or comment below the line 1.36pm GMT More from Maurizio Sarri, who wants Chelsea to sign two players this month but hasn’t stated which positions. Think it’s fair to say at least one of them is a striker... As you know very well I am not involved in the market. I spoke with the club and the club knows very well my opinion. In my opinion we need two players. Then it depends on the club decision. I don’t know anything about the market day by day or minute by minute. 1.31pm GMT Some further detail from the Press Association on the spying row which, while all very serious, makes for a brilliant tale... Derbyshire Police attended County’s training ground on Thursday after a man was seen at the perimeter fence of the Moor Farm complex. Continue reading...