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Sex and the City’s shoe-loving star returned to TV in a beer commercial. But what would a 2019 Carrie’s socials look like? Carrie Bradshaw is back! Well, she appeared in a Super Bowl ad for Stella Artois at least. So what would she be doing in 2019? “I’m sure she has a lot to write about given what’s happened in this country over the last two years politically (and) socially,” Sarah Jessica Parker told E! recently. “I think she would be deeply engaged in those conversations.” Clearly, these conversations would be happening online – and definitely on Instagram. Below is Carrie’s imagined Insta feed and what themes would be thirsting for ‘likes’ … Loose attempts to ‘join the conversation’ politicallyWe might not have known it in 2003, but Carrie Bradshaw is fake deep. Like fashion or the personal problems of her friends, politics surely also exists to Carrie only as a window into what might be going on in her own life (“with everything going on generally in healthcare, I had to wonder: is heartbreak a pre-existing condition?”). Still, Carrie’s never-ending fountain of puns would be put to good use in this era of the viral protest sign. I’m sure Miranda made the whole gang pussy hats. Continue reading...