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Newz Chooze

Simple, nourishing vegan food served by people who may or may not have once played timpani in Chumbawamba ‘Yoga and fondue,” said the flyer stuck to the door of Beetroot Sauvage on Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh. The evening in question involved a session of “soma lunar flow” in a low-lit studio, followed by bread and crudites dipped into vegan cheese substitute. That flyer revealed much about this new plant-based cafe and wellness centre, not least to my other half Charles, who began snorting dissent in the manner of a stubborn horse being led up a box ramp. Personally, I’m pro any dinner for which something sentient was not partially stunned and done away with on my behalf, so Beetroot Sauvage, give or take some of the website’s blurb about blissful energies, joyful eating and magical safe spaces, is my sort of place. This is a boho-style cafe-restaurant, more shack than chic, serving a thoughtful, ever-changing vegan menu: dals, power porridges, homemade cakes, Buddha bowls, tagines and so on. Meanwhile, in the studios upstairs, there are vinyasa yoga, chi kung and tai chi classes, although the majority of the clientele, including several dogs, numerous children and many people wearing fractal leggings, seemed to be there simply to lunch. Continue reading...