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Only a radical overhaul of auditing will ensure spending on benefits, health, care and infrastructure is fair There are few upsides to Brexit, but one rare positive has been a heightened awareness about unfairness, especially between different places around the UK. A recent Centre for Cities report showed just how much northern cities, in particular, have been clobbered by austerity. The Key Cities group of 24 councils in England and Wales has joined the special interest group of mainly Labour and northern metropolitan authorities led by Barnsley’s Steve Houghton in calling for a fairer grants regime and economic rebalancing. Together the two groups represent urban areas where a quarter of the English population live. They have already made strenuous representations against the unfairness of this year’s funding settlement for local government, pointing out that “the most deprived areas have been forced to cut up to 10 times deeper than the most affluent”. Continue reading...