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Old Red Lion, LondonLiv Warden’s play explores what happens to the daughters of a powerful man who is charged with GBH Where are the women closest to once-powerful predators who have been undone by their crimes? Can these partners and daughters be part of the #MeToo movement? Are they something other than victims? These are the questions that Anomaly implicitly poses by focusing its drama on the effect that the scandal around a shamed film industry mogul has on his family. The fictional Phillip Preston has been charged with GBH for attacking his wife (“he held her under water until she passed out”) and the furore in the media sparks memories of infidelities and abuses among family members. Crucially, Preston never appears on stage. The cast is comprised of his three daughters: the eldest, Piper (Natasha Cowley), an executive who works for her father’s company and is landed with the task of managing the damage to his reputation; Penny (Katherine Samuelson), an actor in a spray-on dress whose biggest industry asset was her family name before the scandal; and youngest sister, Polly (Alice Handoll), the most tormented of the three, who absconds from a rehab clinic with a trail of paparazzi behind her. Continue reading...