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When times are dark and your country is divided, it’s time to reach for the rubber gloves. As I discovered when grief struckWhile most things seem to have been going down the pan, there’s been one phenomenon making a clean sweep: Mrs Hinch. The cleaning craze that swept social media in 2018 shows no sign of abating this year – and it could well help you through the January blues. For those not in the know, Hinch is an Essex hairdresser catapulted to fame through her highly watchable Instagram stories showing her … cleaning. Her followers have skyrocketed over a few months to 1.4 million people. This “Hinch army” faithfully watch her clean her immaculate house as she shares her domestic tips, which include giving names to all her products and working through a list of chores (mostly accompanied by a snatch of high-octane music) and always – always – ending the day with putting the sink to bed at night. It doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, it’s addictive. Continue reading...