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Ireland’s Conor Murphy was also among the winning sextet at the historic tournament which is battling its more opulent rivals Hastings is the grandaddy of international tournaments, first staged in 1895 and held annually since 1920 apart from war years. Its vintage periods were in the 1930s, 50s and 70s when chess legends including almost all the world champions were eager to compete while Sir George Thomas and Hugh Alexander defeated top Russians in stunning upsets. Tradition continues with generous backing from Hastings Council and Tradewise Insurance, but the event is now a shadow of its old self. The elite have opted for the much higher prize funds of the London Classic, the World Blitz, and Tata Steel Wijk, which starts on Saturday, is headed by the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen and several of his rivals, and can be viewed live online (12.30pm start). Continue reading...