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The Hollywood star had virtually forgotten about the bizarre album he recorded in 1981. Then a record label got in touch … Ben Stiller erupts in laughter. No, he says, down the phone from New York, he really didn’t expect to be giving an interview on this subject in 2018. It wasn’t that he forgot about the album he made with a band called Capital Punishment while at high school in 1981. He had a box of unsold vinyl copies in his house, and he would occasionally fish one out and play it to his kids. “They would really get a kick out of it; they thought it was pretty funny.” He mentioned it during an interview on the Tonight Show a few years back and the host, Jimmy Fallon, played a track, much to the hilarity of the studio audience. It’s just that he assumed absolutely no one could possibly be interested now. The band had pressed 500 copies back in 1981 and played it to their friends and the parents, who had stumped up the money in the first place. The response, says Stiller’s erstwhile bandmate Kriss Roebling, was one of “polite befuddlement” – and that was that. Roebling had gone around local record stores with a box of albums and sold a few on consignment here and there, but the only evidence that anyone had bought one came after a member of the band was, improbable as it seems, nearly hit by a copy of the album as it was tossed from the window of a nearby building. “That,” says Roebling, “was the general reaction. It was a non-event at the time.” Continue reading...