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The EU’s ‘right to repair’ plans will mean people can eke out a longer life for our white goods. The planet will thank us Nothing lasts for ever. Things do fall apart, and can’t be mended; there are only so many times a juddering old boiler can be coaxed back from the brink, and only so many loads of muddy PE kit a washing machine can take. But if you’ve ever had a sense that things are falling apart faster than they used to, invariably just after the warranty runs out, then you may have a point. A 2015 study showed that between 2004 and 2012, the proportion of household appliances that died within five years of purchase had doubled. This speeded-up cycle of stuff breaking down, being chucked away and having to be replaced isn’t just expensive, it’s environmentally unsustainable too, as every new appliance carries a hidden price tag thanks to the climate change gases released during the making of it. Continue reading...