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Newz Chooze

It’s tip season, when the music industry declares which new acts are going to be big. The only thing holding the following ones-to-watch back is the fact they don’t exist Barnsley hip-hop crew whose forthcoming debut The Chronicles of Ridonk is a likable home brew of no-fi beats and shouty choruses, like Mike Skinner if he’d sustained NOS-induced brain damage – as evinced on house party anthems such as: Piff Gang Sat on My Kangol Hat, The Sesh Grem That Time Forgot, I Appreciate That But Please Put Me Through to Your Supervisor Mr O2 Call Handler and Big Mood (Not Relatable). Watch out for non-talking, non-rapping, non-dancing 6ft 4in member Little Feller on “hypothetical vibes”. Continue reading...