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Newz Chooze

The London artist looks and sounds like nobody else in 2019, so it’s no wonder he has confused the industry. He talks about class, dyslexia, absent dads and tube dancing Sitting in a Camden Town pub with a glass of water, immaculately turned out in a style he describes as “dressing casual, dressing like a millionaire, dressing a bit like an American dad” – neatly tucked-in polo shirt, Burberry jacket, spotless trainers – Timothy Gonzales is insisting that what he does is not a joke. “It pisses me off when people say that, because it’s like … this is something, in a way, that’s not really been done before which is: self-taught; directs his own videos; does his own instrumentals; doesn’t use samples; gets his friends to do this and do that; puts work into it – and then someone says it’s just a joke. So that really, really offends me when people say that.” He thinks for a moment: “But if people think that, I’m not going to be upset with them, it’s fine to think that, do you know what I mean?” In fairness, you can see how people have jumped to that conclusion in the 18 months since Gonzales posted a video on YouTube for a song called Getting Busy!, as Jimothy Lacoste (a name he adopted because “I always want to be unique and it just sounded nice to my ears”; he has subsequently dropped the Lacoste). It was the first of a succession of viral hits, followed, in short order, by FUTURE BAE, Subway System, DRUGS, Fashion and I Can Speak Spanish. Their online success has led to media attention, European tours and a record deal with Black Butter, home to Rudimental, DJ Khaled, Zara Larsson and J Hus. Everyone seems to agree that Jimothy is now, officially, A Thing, although precisely what kind of thing has been the subject of much debate. Continue reading...