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Newz Chooze

Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Go out for dinner, take a walk together, and maybe exchange a gift or two. If you’re coming up empty on the latter part, we’ve got a few gift ideas that you can enjoy together. Then again, today’s deals make for giftable goodies in a pinch, too. Perfect for a Windows or macOS computer in dire need of speed, SanDisk’s Ultra line of SSDs are slightly discounted today — enough for them to match their lowest prices yet. If 500GB is all that you need, it’s $67.99 right now instead of around $75 or more. Doubling the space to 1TB will cost $129.99. These have fast read / write speeds, and are covered by a five-year warranty. If you want them for external use for your computer or console, this affordable SSD... Continue reading…