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5G networks are poised to be a big thing, with promises of big speed boosts that some think may even one day be able to compete with traditional broadband (just ask D-Link, which announced a 5G home router at CES 2019). And apparently, the idea of that kind of competition has traditional cable companies a bit spooked, considering that this week at CES, the NCTA and other cable groups announced their new “10G” initiative, which must be better than 5G: after all, 10 is a whole twice as much as 5! Now, before we begin analyzing this absurdity, a note on terminology: 5G, as a name, refers to the 5th-generation of cellular connectivity tech (to recap: 1G was analog cellular tech, 2G was digital with GPRS and EDGE data, 3G was faster data, and... Continue reading…