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  Dean Spade: On Normal Life
  Micro plastics cleanup gets a new tool
  He dead
  David Koch has died
  This will probably not get posted:
  One of the Koch brothers has died
  Bye Felicia!
  David Koch dies at 78
  Koch brother passes away.
  i guess its uplifting!
  Tinkering with Intent
  What a kind hearted man.
  The woman with 200 kids
  The last statement is indeed uplifting
  9 year old boy raises money for park trees
  Conscience and Resistance
  Dog Racing Died Without A Funeral
  Five things to think about Greenland
  Empowering the World One Bicycle at a Time
  Waiter talks with 91 year old veteran.
  It Could Be Worse
  Potentially uplifting news for babies.
  The Power of MLK's Anger
  Real Life Superheroes
  A very nice story my mom wrote.
  Cat Stolen by Nanny Is Returned to Owners
  Biking with Butterflies
  #HomelessHolidays in Barcelona (Spain)
  D-Day Siblings Reunited 75 Years Later
  Africa is making progress
  One Breath Around the World
  Free Community College in California
  Amazon to donate instead of destroy
  Bearing Witness: The Animal Dialogues
  The UNTOLD truth about coupon
  London University bans beef
  Wild Mumbai
  Germany to ban plastic bags
  Store in Canton Hopes To reduce Waste
  Bronnie Ware: Living Without Regrets
  Buy Cannabis Online -
  How Cultural Differences Shape Gratitude
  Good News in History, August 11
  Elon Musk supports Andrew Yang
  Man comforts 96 year old lady on flight
  Beijing Breathes Cleanest Air on Record
  A Green Approach to Gun Control