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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Earlier tonight, Governor Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against Palm Beach and Broward Counties for lack of access to public records, regarding voting numbers. This comes as a recount now looms over his race for the U.S. Senate. Joining us now, the man himself, Governor Rick Scott. Governor, I'm looking at these numbers. On Election Day, you were up 57,000 votes. What is the number now? RICK SCOTT: Now it's down to 15,000 votes, so it's clear we got some left-wing activists, we have got some Democratic D.C. Lawyers, they're down here for one purpose, to steal this election. ... HANNITY: I cannot -- to me, this is the single biggest abuse of power in an election I have seen, and they have Marc Elias the guy at the heart of the whole Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS, Clinton bought and paid for dossier, leading the way? SCOTT: Yep. I mean, they are down here, he is down here for one purpose, to steal this election. ... HANNITY: I'm never seen anything like this in my life. It is obviously corrupt, obviously laws were broken, obviously there are shenanigans here. I believe you and Senator Rubio are 100 percent correct, we will follow this every single second of every day now, because the people of Florida deserve their just vote, which they got, and you won this race hands down. And this is a disgrace that they get to do this, election in and election out. Somebody needs to go to jail here if this keeps happening. You keep violating the law, you don't respond, every other county responds, then you change your numbers again and again and again, something is not right. Previously: Right-wing media claim Democrats are trying to “steal” Florida elections by insisting all votes be counted Fox's Brian Kilmeade connects Florida recounts to Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS: "We are back in the dossier conversation" Sean Hannity suggests Florida recount is an illegal Democratic plot to steal the election