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LOU DOBBS (HOST): In all seriousness here, you said that you would prefer -- you implied, at least, you would prefer he not declare a national emergency. I think it's the only way forward here. He is -- otherwise, there's not going to be a solution. ... But I really believe that the way forward here is for him to declare a national emergency, and simply sweep aside the recalcitrant left in this country. They have -- They have obstructed, resisted and subverted for far too long. Previously: The sinister pro-Trump propaganda of Lou Dobbs Lou Dobbs: Hurricane Maria death toll is a "farce" and "an amazing tortured inflation" Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro accuse the Department of Justice of treason and an anti-Trump conspiracy Lou Dobbs: Trump is "possibly the strongest individual to serve in the Oval Office in my lifetime"