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EMILY COMPAGNO (GUEST HOST): I don't understand why Pelosi and Schumer threw around comments today, just today, for example, in their response, saying the words "tragic" and "collateral damage" talking about the furlough, when that's a disingenuous comment when our federal employees are being assaulted and murdered at the border. When our communities, our mid-western and low-income and minority communities and more are being decimated by the drug war, by the drugs pouring over the southern border. ... JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): I think what Emily is saying is that -- is that the Democrats care more about Americans missing paychecks, than Americans missing dead family members. Previously: Fox's Harris Faulkner worries that "if we call [migrants] refugees," it could "help their asylum cases" Fox's Howard Kurtz claims "the media establishment was debating President Trump" by fact-checking lies during his border wall speech Fox Business host gushes over Trump's speech: He "looked like a president" and "won, hands down"