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HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): I had Democrats and Republicans on [Outnumbered] Overtime say it yesterday, the one word is the wall -- Let me finish. Let -- let me finish. He'll say "the wall" and then he'll say other things. We are actually at a point of immaturity, it would seem, in this conversation where you can't even see say that four-letter word no matter what else you put behind it or in front of it. So the question is, do you completely take it out? Does that hurt him with his base, if he completely takes that word out and then supplants it with other things? I'm just trying to get us to go forward. I don't know, Katie, what do you think?  MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): He's taken the word out quite a bit. I mean, when you heard him talking --  FAULKNER: No I mean 100 percent, not quite a bit, 100 percent. FRANCIS: When you talk about, Senator Shelly Moore Capito was on a little while ago, and saying that if you looked in committee in June, that there were Democrats in the Senate who voted “yes” for these very things. For border funding, border security funding. Whatever it is. But they voted yes, where [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi said that they would not over in the House or [Sen.] Chuck Schumer --  FAULKNER: So what I'm doing is calling the Democrats' bluff. Andy, that's what we are doing. We're saying that if you take out that four-letter word, "Wall," call their bluff and see if that's not the thing.  Previously: Fox's Outnumbered panel: Republicans should sell Trump's border wall as "infrastructure" to gain Democratic support Fox Business host attempts to sell Trump's border wall as infrastructure spending Fox & Friends praises Trump's "negotiation" skills after he threw a tantrum over his wall