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TRISH REGAN (HOST): Misty, I know that you also have a background -- I don't mean to spring this on you last minute, but in sexual assault cases, et cetera -- what's your reaction to that video that we saw there, where Jim Acosta is sort of wrestling this young White House intern, to keep the microphone? And as such, tonight, we have just learned moments ago he is no longer going to be able to have his hard pass, his reporting pass to be there at the White House. What do you say about that? Previously: Fox's Chris Wallace attacks CNN reporter: "Acosta's behavior was shameful" while questioning Trump After Trump supporters harassed Jim Acosta, Sean Spicer says Acosta deserved it Sean Hannity celebrates harassment of CNN's Jim Acosta at Trump rally: "They're screaming at you for a reason" Lou Dobbs criticizes Jim Acosta as “triggered” and “delicate” after Trump supporters harassed him at rally