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ROBERT JEFFRESS: There is a security crisis, no doubt about it, at the border, but there's also this humanitarian crisis that the president talked about, about 30 percent of women being assaulted on the way, trying to have entry into our country, children being used as pawns. And you know, Lou, if you have a swimming pool at your house and you don't put a fence around it, and a child wanders in and drowns, you're legally liable for the death of that child. You've created an alluring situation. And by opposing this president and his desire to build a wall around our border, I believe the Democrats are morally liable for the death of children, the assault of women, and the humanitarian crisis we're seeing at the border right now. Previously: Anti-Semitic Fox News contributor Robert Jeffress attacks the Pope as a “globalist” who wants “a one world government” Shep Smith reports on anti-Semitic Fox contributor Robert Jeffress, who spoke at the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem Fox contributor Pastor Robert Jeffress lies and claims people “manufactured” his bigoted comments Donald Trump professes "Love" for Fox News pastor who thinks Catholicism is a tool of Satan Is Fox News' Anti-Gay, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Catholic Pastor Being Courted By Rand Paul?