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Mohammed Salem/ReutersDonald Trump’s pitch for The Wall  is not popular in McAllen, TX. The problem is not as  much immigrants crossing the Rio Grande illegally every day, which they do. It’s the concertina wire that the U.S. military sent by Trump left behind.   “They came and put concertina wire around the bridges and didn’t even ask us,” Mayor Jim Darling told the local press this past Sunday. He said the rolls of razor wire gave the town a bad image. “We started to take them down after they left, but there’s still a lot left.” Just about nobody wants the wall in McAllen or thinks it’s going to change anything for the better if it’s built. Experience shows that there is a humanitarian crisis up and down this frontier, but almost everything Trump proclaims he wants to do is making it worse. Read more at The Daily Beast. Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here