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PBS“One of the misconceptions is that human nature is human nature, and the technology is just this neural tool,” says Tristan Harris, a former Google design ethicist, when interviewed in The Cleaners, a new documentary from PBS’ Independent Lens. “But this is not true. Because technology does have a bias, and that bias has a goal.” It’s the exploration of that bias—inherent to the way social media giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter moderate content—and the often horrifying, at best inflammatory, content that makes it to social media as a result that forms the basis of The Cleaners, premiering November 12 on PBS. In recent years, the power of social media to propagate hatred and spread graphic images of violent acts has reached an all-time high; clips from the first few minutes of the doc include Mark Zuckerberg extolling the ability of Facebook to “[give] people the power to share anything with anyone,” and, of course, Donald Trump, gleefully admitting to followers at a rally in Phoenix, “If I didn’t have social media I probably wouldn’t be able to get the word out, I wouldn’t be standing here!” Read more at The Daily Beast.