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With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, you probably already have gratitude on the brain. And it's likely you already show thanks for all of the grand, major-scale blessings in your life (family, health, shelter). But what about the smaller, more mundane things that, despite their minor impact, really do make your days better? In the same way that every Zodiac sign has different overarching values, they also have different creature comforts — and, this time of year, those are absolutely worth celebrating. For a Scorpio, their simple joy might be the private browsing feature. For an Aries, it might be their umpteenth caffeinated drink of the day. Whatever it is, take a second in the days leading up to Thanksgiving to appreciate what little things make your everyday life a lot more fun — even if that thing is as silly as a really, really good Instagram post. If you aren't sure what your sign has to be thankful for this year, read on to find out. AriesGive thanks for: your third cup of coffee Most Aries people go through life like they were born with a jetpack strapped to their back, but every now and then you need a little extra boost of energy and motivation — you're only human, after all. That's where your pick-me-up of choice, be it coffee, tea, or an ice-cold shower, shows up to save the day. From your Ram's point of view, moving quickly is the only way to move, so take a second to show some gratitude for whatever it is that keeps you ahead of the game. illustrated by Paola Delucca.TaurusGive thanks for: that fancy cheese-of-the-month subscription Maybe it's not cheese — maybe it's not even a monthly subscription. Maybe your little source of luxury is a weekly bubble bath or a regularly scheduled museum outing. Whatever it is that makes your life slightly more sensual and pleasurable, that's what you should be thankful for, Taurus. The next time you visit your art gallery of choice, strike up a conversation with the curator. And be sure to tip the cheese delivery guy. illustrated by Paola Delucca.GeminiGive thanks for: anytime your Instagram feed was chronological Your penchant for gossip (or, to put it nicely, your benevolent tendency to share information with your inner circle of 20+ friends) is stuff of legend, Gem, and when social media reveals the dirt to you in real time it might as well be a national holiday. If there ever was a time in the last year that you were the first person to learn something huge through your feed, we hope you're looking back on that moment fondly now. illustrated by Paola Delucca.CancerGive thanks for: weekends with crappy weather A reason to stay home? Don't mind if you do, Cancer. Even the worldliest Crabs relish the thought of spending multiple days in, when they can cook, redecorate, and, if they're feeling wild, maybe invite a friend or two over. Because you care so much for your friends and family, you may feel guilty about playing into your hermit-like tendencies, so don't take those mid-winter days when everyone else feels like hunkering down, too. illustrated by Paola Delucca.LeoGive thanks for: FaceTune, KiraKira, et al Nothing soothes a Leonine soul like a conscientiously created post, especially one that garners an adequate number of likes. Sometimes, in order to ensure success, your attention-getting sign may deem it necessary to enhance your original photo. You know you're beautiful just as you are, Leo, but that doesn't mean you won't resort to using apps like KiraKira to give you a little extra shine on the feed. Likes aren't everything, but you might as well say thanks for them when they come your way. illustrated by Paola Delucca.VirgoGive thanks for: lists The mind of a Virgo sure can get loud sometimes, but your sign's penchant for organizing your thoughts outside of your own head certainly helps to alleviate some of the noise. Maybe you're old school and carry a pen and paper on your trip to the grocery store. Maybe you've downloaded one of the many list-making apps on the market so that you're never without your trusty to-do list. Either way, itemizing your tasks likely helps you feel a little more grounded, Virgo. And that's always worthy of thanks. illustrated by Paola Delucca.LibraGive thanks for: your friend who makes the plans For how much you love to go out, mingle, and enjoy the social scene, you really hate being the one who has to decide where to go, who to mingle with, and what you'll do to enjoy said social scene. That Libran FOMO is powerful stuff. Luckily, you've likely found a friend who doesn't dread making decisions as much you do. The next time you're with them and they're picking a restaurant for the night, give them a little pat on the back illustrated by Paola Delucca.ScorpioGive thanks for: private browsing As the Zodiac's official private investigator and master of unraveling tangled narratives, you have a specific set of tools you rely on to sleuth well and carefully, Scorp. You may do your best work in incognito mode or you might love a good screenshot — if it helps you find out someone's secrets online or, you know, just your crush's Instagram handle, you're mighty grateful for it. illustrated by Paola Delucca.SagittariusGive thanks for: your commute For most people, this is the worst part of their day, the process of traveling to or from their place of work. But for you, the ever optimistic Archer, commuting affords you all the time you could want to read, listen to podcasts, and people-watch. There's a bit of a professor in every Sagittarius, but that doesn't mean every Sag has the time to research and craft a thesis on their favorite topic at the moment. So, instead, you chase your intellectual passions when you can, often while on the move. illustrated by Paola Delucca.CapricornGive thanks for: your one hobby Those born under this so-called workaholic sign might not define themselves by what they do in their downtime (if they ever have any), but that one pastime provides you with the de-stressings playtime you absolutely need, Cap. All work and no play, right? It likely took you a while to find something outside of working and addressing your basic needs that lights your fire, and that deserves some major thanks. Besides, knowing you, you're probably naturally good at the thing you call your casual "hobby." illustrated by Paola Delucca.AquariusGive thanks for: your internet friends "Niche" is your middle name, Aquarius, and whether your passion is vinyl, fixie bikes, or skincare, you have had to seek out some seriously specific corners of the internet in order to fuel it. Along the way, you've probably found some folks who share your weirdly particular interest — and they may have come to mean as much to you as any of your IRL pals. When you're organizing the next N64 game swap, make sure to give them a little love over the Wi-Fi. illustrated by Paola Delucca.PiscesGive thanks for: all those notebooks you're going to use, you swear Of all the signs, Pisces, you need an outlet. You find it all too tempting to slip into your own imagination rather than define the concrete steps you must take in order to make your fantasies reality. Every so often, however, you come across a gorgeous journal that makes you want to put pen to paper and really, seriously ideate on your goals. Sure, you have about 14 of these journals hidden around your room at this point, but they all have served their purpose in helping you unload. illustrated by Paola Delucca.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? Jupiter Moving Into Sagittarius Will Affect You In Big Ways 4 Crystals That Will Be Right At Home In Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece What Your Astrological Sign's "Keyword" Reveals About You