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Newz Chooze

To enjoy a bottle of wine, you mainly need three things: a corkscrew, a glass, and, well, a bottle of wine. That's it. But to truly get the most out of what you (or someone else) just spent some money on, there are some amazing gadgets out there that make wine exceptionally better. From carafes that chill to glasses that aerate, don't skimp out on how you can transform a "meh" bottle into a "wow" bottles. The Coravin Model Two Elite sounds like a car name, but it is in fact a beautiful contraption that allows you to drink your wine without popping the cork. It works by piercing the cork with a pouring needle, which is then sealed with Argon gas to keep the wine fresh. It's a seamless way to never waste another bottle by not being able to reseal it. Read more at The Daily Beast.