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Every year, tech companies show off their latest gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The show is known for flashy, “coming soon-ish” stuff like robot suitcases and talking toilets, but there are practical gizmos on the show floor too. I went to Vegas to go hands-on with the latest products, and found a few that are actually worth buying--and can be picked up right now. Dolby’s New Home Theater Headphones Are Designed for Your Living Room Headphones are a dime a dozen at CES, but Dolby--the company that licenses its audio encoding technology to movie theaters and AV manufacturers--surprised us this year by releasing their own branded product for the first time. On the surface, the new Dolby Dimension wireless headphones look like any other pair of cans, but they contain a few interesting features. Read more at The Daily Beast.