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You might know Baidu for its search engine, but it's looking to make a mark in the feline world too. The Chinese internet giant has released what it's claimed to be the first AI-powered smart cat shelter, which was put together by one of the company's engineers, Wan Xi. SEE ALSO: Samsung created bots to cater to your health "At first, I just wanted to provide them with a warm place in winter with food and water that is not frozen," Wan told state media. As detailed in Baidu's blog post, what's novel about this use of AI is the camera at the front of the shelter's door.  For stray cats, winter is almost fatal. Using #AI and Baidu's #EasyDL platform, a Baidu engineer has devised an AI Smart Cattery to shelter stray cats and help them survive Beijing's cold winter. This is the story behind - a story that has melted many hearts❤️🐱#techforgood — Baidu Inc. (@Baidu_Inc) January 31, 2019 Read more... More about Tech, China, Animals, Ai, and Baidu