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Newz Chooze

Tim Clayton /GettyA New York City firefighter is under arrest after he struck and injured a pedestrian while driving back from the funeral of a fallen comrade—while reeking of alcohol, according to a senior police official. Matthew Wilson, 36, was in full dress uniform behind the wheel of a vehicle owned by the firefighters union when he hit 31-year-old Luis Bueno in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon, the official said. A police lieutenant and paramedics responding to the scene “smelled alcohol emanating from the firefighter,” the official said, and Wilson was placed under arrest; charges are pending. Bueno was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries and was expected to survive. Before his arrest, Wilson had attended the funeral of probationary firefighter Steven Pollard, 30, who died when he fell 50 feet from an overpass while trying to rescue two people from a car accident. Read more at The Daily Beast.