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Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastWith the Democratic-run House gearing up for a marathon of hearings and investigations into the Trump administration, one prominent D.C. public affairs shop is selling current and potential clients on a new service: a team of former Hill staffers, administration officials, and journalists who understand the experience of being in congressional investigators’ crosshairs. Lobbying and public relations firm FTI Consulting has opened a new practice devoted exclusively to managing the congressional investigations process. Eyeing recent Democratic changes to House rules designed to empower the chamber’s subpoena-wielding gumshoes, FTI is hoping to court new business by offering expertise on managing both the legal and public relations pitfalls for clients that find themselves dragged before a congressional committee. “It is our view that these changes to Congress’s investigative powers are significant, and could pose a hazard to private interests, especially those perceived to be a beneficiary of Trump’s policies,” the firm wrote in a memo circulated on Tuesday. Read more at The Daily Beast.