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Couples who get paid together, stay together. Just think: Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. When you've got too big brand names in one powerhouse couple, it could make for an ego battle. Or, you could use the opportunity to bring in double the cash. At least, that is the stance Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are taking. Yesterday, Kylie posted an exciting lip kit reveal on her Instagram Story. In the post, she announced that Kylie Cosmetics will be launching special-edition Astroworld- themed lip kits to be sold at the venues of Scott's 2018 Astrowold: Wish You Were Here tour. The tour kicks off today, November 8, in Baltimore, and we have reason to believe the new lip kits will be stocked in Royal Farms Arena. "We'll be at the merch station," Jenner wrote next to a shiny black box labeled, 'I went to Astroworld and all I got was this f**kin lip kit.' While we're still waiting on official brand confirmation, we're pretty sure this means that the lipstick trios will be sold in a cramped, concrete seller's station, hanging right next to those overpriced cotton concert T-shirts printed with a photo of Travis Scott's face. And unsurprisingly, the fans — music and makeup alike — are pretty amped up about that possibility, sharing the excitement with the rest of the Twitter-verse. And calling out Jenner's marketing and business genius. Kylie Jenner will have up Astroworld Lipkits on tour— TRAVIS SCOTT FANPAGE 🎪 (@YamzInTheTrap) November 8, 2018 kylie’s idea to sell lipkits at the astroworld tour merch stands is the reason she’s a billionaire— 𝔭. (@radiativejustin) November 8, 2018 But one particularly romantic fan said it best when he tweeted: "Kylie Jenner selling Astroworld Lip kits at Travis Scott's show is the type of power couple relationship I'm into." Kylie Jenner selling Astroworld lipkits at Travis Scott’s shows is the type of power couple relationship I’m into— Kurtis Dickson (@Kurty_Dickson) November 8, 2018 Because, even if you can't name three Travis Scott songs and have zero plans to purchase the lip kit collectors item, you have to admit, it's a genius scheme to spread the love — and more importantly — the sales. Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? Lourdes Leon Shows Off Her Armpit & Leg Hair —& It's NBD How Acne Inspired Keira Knightley's Iconic Love Actually Style Bella Hadid's New Hair Color Was Inspired By Her VS Predecessors