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Apple just did a major update to the iPhone Clips app that will completely change your selfie game. We were first introduced to Clips last spring and got hooked on the app's ability to stylize short videos to send to our friends, family, and social media followers. Now, Apple has come back with a myriad of new features. Perhaps the best feature, 360 selfies, is reserved for newer iPhones with the TrueDepth camera that possess the A12 Bionic chip (that is also available on the new iPad Pro). Walking to work? Well, now you're in a rainforest. Turn the line at Trader Joe's into a mad scientist's lab (it's much more interesting that way anyway). In addition to 360 selfies, Apple added 17 royalty-free soundtracks and new filters so you can unleash your inner cinematic queen and create Oscar-worthy clips to fill your feed. Click through to learn how you can up your selfie game. Set The Scene First, choose your Selfie Scene. There are several Disney-themed backdrops, a wild west town, and picturesque locations in famous cities among others. I chose the Sketchbook scene because it reminded me of the Aha! music video for "Take On Me" and I was feeling nostalgic.Ready, Set, 360-Selfie! In the true sense of the feature title, I wanted to take full advantage of the 360 feature. In an office, that means spinning around in your office chair and hoping that your coworkers know that you're trying out a new feature on an app and aren't hitting a major afternoon productivity wall. Depending on which scene you choose, the scene doesn't hug the subject closely. There's a bit of a gap between where the filter algorithm is trying to guess where the subject is in the photo. Some are better than others though. Out of all of them, the Sketchbook scene was the best at a seamless 360 experience.Get To Editing Editing hasn't changed much since the original release. That being said, Apple has always made it easy. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be a master of the quick edit.Pick Your Soundtrack Music sets the mood, and luckily with this update, there are a lot more options. You can choose from your phone's library for a personalized pick or from a variety of moods that contain royalty-free soundtracks.Save Like before, you have a few ways to save. Tap the upload icon. An option to send it to friends via text, upload to an email, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, or WhatsApp will appear. Select your choice and you're nearly done.Post! All that's left is to share your clip. Your Instagram just got that much more colorful and your group chats got way more interesting. Who would have thought that a trek through a superimposed jungle was exactly what you needed to post to your Instagram today? @sarahlmidkiff / InstagramLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? All The Singles' Day Deals We're Shopping This Weekend These Are The Best Black Friday Tech Deals Getting The New iPhone XR? We Just Found Your New Phone Case.