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There’s a meme making the rounds on Instagram that reads, “How to clean up glitter: 1) burn your house down 2) move 3) the glitter followed you. There’s no escape” And it’s not wrong. So when we started noticing an influx of the dopest, glittery-est makeup looks pop up on our favorite celebrities as of late, we were perplexed: Each look shows clean strokes of KiraKira+ shine only in the places where it was intended — without a wayward speck in sight. How the eff? Have celebrity makeup artists like Pati Dubroff and Fiona Stiles — who created recent sparkling looks for Margot Robbie and Katherine Langford, respectively — tapped into some newfangled form of glitter that magically stays put? It turns out, they have. It’s from a brand called Lemonhead LA, which makes SpacePaste, SpaceJam Luxe, and other high-wattage glitter-packed formulas for body, face, and hair. “The amazing thing about the Lemonhead LA formula is there is no fallout like with loose glitters,” Dubroff says. “The clean up is also easy. After the gel drys, just use a spoolie or brush to flick away unwanted flecks. I will never use traditional loose glitter again.” Stiles gives the brand similarly glowing reviews: “Since this glitter is encapsulated in the gel base, each piece is coated — unlike using a glitter adhesive with loose glitter — which is more hit or miss and it’s guaranteed to travel. I promise you, I’d never send a client off to a red carpet event using loose glitter. I’d be having multiple heart attacks,” she says. Finally, a glitter makeup without a mind of its own? Sign us up. Ahead, see how makeup pros have mastered the most mesmerizing Lemonhead LA looks. With Josephine Baker as inspiration, makeup artist Nick Barose turned Lupita Nyong'o into a jazz age glamour girl with a few sweeps of Lemonhead's dark gray SpacePaste in Groupie layered on top of the Proenza Schouler x Lancôme Eye Kajal, which he also used as her lipstick. InstagramFor Emma Stone's Maniac premiere, makeup artist Rachel Goodwin achieved the sparkliest smoky eye we've ever seen. After layering on iridescent violet gold and grey NARS eyeshadows, Goodwin embellished the inner eye and upper and lower lids with Lemonhead's SpaceJam Luxe in Paradise Cove, a chunky mixture of gold and copper with flecks of magenta. "I honesty can say last night was one of my favorite beauty moments we’ve had together," she wrote on Instagram. "And BOY have we had many." InstagramDubroff created this celestial look for her client Margot Robbie by doubling up on Lemonhead LA glitters. “I used SpacePaste in Adult Film, then SpaceJam Luxe in Midnight Society, ” the makeup artist says. She used her finger to swipe glitter gel onto the lid, then tapped glitter gel onto the lids and inner corner of the eyes with a small brush. “This looks so effortless and modern because the rest of the face is so clean, though I did give Margot a strong brow, which gives the face strength,” she says. “Mascara is minimal and the tones for blush and lips are soft and feel flushed and natural.”“For this eye, I used a rusty/coppery eyeshadow as a base so that the glitter looked really dense and filled in,” says Stiles, who used Lemonhead LA SpacePaste in Mulholland on Langford. “Then, I popped the glitter all over the lid and up to the crease with a flat synthetic brush. If you’re doing a look where the whole lid is covered in glitter, it’s best to do a base that matches in color so that you don’t have to pack the glitter on too thick.” Stiles rounded out the look with a wash of pink all around the eyeline, adding a touch of taupe in the crease and outer corners of the eyes to keep them from looking too sickly. Then, she broke one of her guidelines: “As a rule I tend to pair a strong feature with more subdued makeup elsewhere, but in this case I played with a statement eye and statement lip,” she says. "The reason it didn’t feel too overwhelming is because they both lived in the same color family. Since it was monochromatic, it feels cohesive and complimentary.”For the 2018 Emmys, makeup artist Elle Favorule offset actress Lauren Lapkus’ emerald lids with a hint of Lemonhead LA glitter on the lower lashline. David Livingston/Getty Images.Makeup artist Loft Jet tapped Lemonhead LA glitter to add high shine to Tove Lo’s makeup look. Copping a similar look — however pristine — may be easier than you think. “The great thing about this glitter is that it’s in a base that’s really easy to manipulate,” Stiles says. “I love using it for strong statement looks or graphic shapes because you can sort of boss the product around with the edge of flat synthetic brush.”Notice the ultra-clean face that contrasts this glittery eye look? Makeup artist Alexa N Hernandez seems to have followed a rule touted by both Dubroff and Stiles: Let glitter rule. “I prefer to let the glitter do the talking and not make it about other makeup,” Dubroff says.Singer Bonnie Mckee shows a surefire way to update monochrome makeup: by pairing it with two-toned glitter on the eyelids. Though she did not create this particular look, Dubroff notes that using glitter paste is “about getting creative and being fearless.” Mission accomplished.Densely-packed chartreuse glitter on the eyelids (Lemonhead LA SpacePaste in Jailbait), makes a no-makeup makeup look pop. The effect indicates that makeup artist Robin Black didn’t hold back when covering the lids. Still, the overall vibe is fresh and clean. “Glitter isn’t for the faint of heart, so you may as well just go for it,” Stiles says. “But that said, I do like the skin to feel touchable and not heavily painted, so it still feels youthful.”Dubroff referred to her client Priyanka Chopra as the "gilded goddess" at the 2018 Met Gala. The makeup artist paired her trusty Lemonhead glitters with Chanel makeup to create a look fit for royalty. Photo: Ray Tamarra/GC Images.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? 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